Technotecs company is preparing to supply furnaces PTB-5 for Priobskoe field

Technotecs has developed design documentation and is completing the manufacture of 2-block tube furnaces for arranging the southern part of the Priobskoye field.

The customer is Gazpromneft Khantos LLC.

Furnaces will be delivered to the customer in March 2019.


Priobskoye is a giant oil field in Russia. Located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, near the village Seliyarovo. Opened in 1982. The river Ob is divided into two parts - left and right bank. The development of the left bank began in 1988, the right - in 1999.

Geological reserves are estimated at 5 billion tons. Proved and recoverable reserves are estimated at 2.4 billion tons.

The field belongs to the West Siberian oil and gas province. Opened in 1982. Deposit at a depth of 2.3-2.6 km. Oil density is 863–868 kg / m³, moderate paraffin content (2.4–2.5%) and sulfur content 1.2–1.3%.