Technotecs company is working on the production of equipment for the arrangement of the Chaprovskoye field

Technotex company is working on the production of pumping station external and internal pumping. This equipment will be located at the Chaprovskoye field.

The station will consist of 5 blocks with pumping units located in them.

External pumping pumps are designed to supply oil through the measurement system and further transport via a pressurized pipeline to the Kondinsky field. Internal transfer pumps are designed to transfer oil from one tank to another, in case of depressurization of one of them, and to supply off-grade oil from the tanks to the heaters inlet.

The Chaprovskoye field is part of the Erginsky Cluster of Rosneft. Also, the Erginsky cluster includes part of the Priobskoye field within the Erginsky license area, West Erginskoe, Kondinskoye and Endyrskoye fields located in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra. According to its characteristics, the oil of these fields is light, low-sulfur.