Oil treatment plants

Complex oil treatment plants (COTP) are designed for commercial product manufacturing as per GOST R 51858-02 out of oil and gas field products.

Our solutions make it possible to treat oil of any type – from light and medium oil to heavy and highly viscous oil.

COTPs can be equipped with automated equipment and process control systems enabling plant operation without constant presence of operating personnel.

If small footprint is required, a multi-tier installation of COTP process units is possible.

Delivery time depends on COTP complexity and is three to ten months.


Basic process equipment potentially supplied:


  • Oil degassing and dehydration units.
  • Working fluid heating/cooling units.
  • Working fluid accounting units.
  • Process and buffer tanks.
  • Electrostatic dehydration units.
  • Internal and main line pump units.
  • Reagent dosing units.
  • Process automation systems.
  • Associated gas internal use systems.
  • Gas disposal systems.


Index Value

up to 20 mln tons/year

Gas output up to 3.5 bln nm3/year
Inlet pressure up to 25 MPa
Commercial oil quality as per GOST51858-2002
Equipment lifetime minimum 20 years


Liquid output up to


mln tons/year