Preliminary water discharge units

Preliminary water discharge units enable liquid-gas mixture gathering, free reservoir water separation, treatment, measurement of liquid-gas mixture amount and parameters, reservoir water treatment and its injection into disposal wells or disposal.


PWDUs can be equipped with automated equipment and process control systems enabling plant operation without constant presence of operating personnel.

Equipment is supplied as prefabricated module/modules mounted at an operation site into a unified complex. Dimensions of the modules supplied enable their transportation to the site by road, railroad and other means of transport.


Basic and auxiliary equipment configuration and design depend on working fluid parameters, customer’s requirements, and required product quality at the unit outlet.

Index Value
Liquid output

up to 20 000 m3/day

Inlet pressure up to 25 MPa
Outlet water cut up to 5 %
Equipment lifetime minimum 20 years


Liquid output up to

20 000